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Art Diva: a virtuoso with eloquent style.


Art Diva: a virtuoso with eloquent style.


Art Diva Creative believes that graphic design is more than window dressing. It’s an essential strategic tool that tangibly impacts your bottom line.

Creative minds come in all shades and skillsets. It takes a special kind of creative to go beyond and get on your level as a partner. It takes a virtuosic combination of right-brained artistry and left-brained business sense. Someone versatile, thoughtful, accountable, and accomplished.

When you work with Art Diva Creative, you’re getting the full package: a business owner with knowledge and experience in all forms of communication, from publicity and pre-press, to photography and project management. A package that also includes the resources of local expert partners you can trust. This broad scope means that we are exceptionally equipped to manage workflow and budget. Meanwhile, our small, nimble scale means you won’t pay for superfluous bells and whistles.

Cost-conscious, service-minded, and taste-making, Art Diva Creative is ideally suited to fulfill the diverse needs of clients operating in the small business, non-profit, and event planning sectors.



The who and why behind Art Diva Creative


Owner Rachelle Díaz began using the name "Art Diva" in 2005 to brand her visual artwork and blog presence. In 2013, after nearly 8 years as a Graphic Designer/Account Manager/Webmaster at a commercial printing company in Austin, Texas, she decided it was time to strike out on her own and founded Art Diva Creative.

With many years in the printing and creative industry, Rachelle understands that precision in design and communication is key to producing campaigns that are on time and within budget. As an artist, she instinctively knows what elements create memorable messages that not only entice the eye, but also engage the user/viewer in a meaningful experience. Finally, her professional experience working within a small business taught her the importance of thinking big, taking risks, and having heart.